UMW Zombies: The All Souls’ Day Video Project

Posted: October 28, 2010 in Class Assignments

Our group, consisting of me (Kevin), Garret, and Ed, have decided to base our project (which is simply to make a video based off of “All Souls’ Day”) on the popular video game variant of Call of Duty; Nazi Zombies. In the game, the setting is during World War 2 and you stay alive for as long as you can by fighting off zombies that also happen to be Nazis. We are attempting to recreate this scene in our project and see if we can make a successful transition from 1943, Germany to present day, Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Without giving too much of our story away before it is produced, our protagonist will comeback from a long day of class to play his favorite video game; Nazi Zombies. He falls asleep playing and wakes up and realizes things are not normal on the UMW campus and has to fight his way through zombies. Our group will be meeting Thursday as well as this weekend,  and possibly Monday to shoot our video. Stay tuned!

-Kevin, Garret, & Ed


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