As stated in previous posts, what makes Web 2.0 so different from its predecessor is the fact that it no longer belongs to corporations and executives; it belongs to us. Open-source materials, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, all of these things are dependent on the users of the web to create, share, and re-create. I would like to make Make-a-Masterpiece a reflection of that, the creation and recreation of materials on the web made by us and used by us. In short, I am talking about the art of Mashing and Remixing.

Last semester I took my freshman seminar, which is seen by most as an easy and fun class. This was my mindset when I signed up for Mash-Up and Remix. What I gained from the class was much more. Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed the parts when I made my own creations – whether it be a song or a short movie – but beyond that I learned of copyright laws, and the war being fought by the re-creators (us) and the owners (big companies and the RIAA). I find that this topic is very much relevant to Digital Storytelling because much in the way we communicate through the internet is through the use of building upon past material to create something entirely new. So I would like this blog to be a place where you can share your creative material and express your ideas through the art of remix for everyone. To begin, I would like to share my final project I did for that class:

  1. karen says:

    That was the most intense toy story preview I’ve ever seen. Very cool!

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