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How to Make-A-Masterpiece

Posted: November 1, 2010 in Audio Mash-Up

How to Make-a-Masterpiece

In this short screencast, I go through the process of making a remix, more specifically, how I created Trance of Fates. Let me know if you have any questions about the video or any comments, please feel free to write under this post. Otherwise just sit back and enjoy my first screencast!


Trance of Fates

For my 3rd and final audio mash-up (final because the class will be moving on to video and so will I), my roommate gave me the idea of remixing a well-known movie theme into a completely different genre of the song. So while I was thinking about what to do, he said that my best bet was to use something called a MIDI file and then to use Garageband to edit it. Essentially, a MIDI file contains the audio information on the separate tracks based on the instrument. All together, each track makes the song, so you can use an audio-mixing program (such as Garageband) to edit each instrument.

So starting the project I first “Googled” MIDI files and I came across The Free MIDI File Database. Though their selection is somewhat limited, it was the exact open-source information I needed. So after looking through all of the songs they had, I saw “Duel of Fates” from Star Wars and from that instant my heart was set on making a techno remix of the song. So I downloaded the MIDI file and opened it up in Garageband and with my roommate we changed instruments around (which there were A LOT) until we had a satisfactory techno version. Then I used the Master Tempo feature on Garageband (for you Mac users it is located under Track then Show Master Track) and was able to set a base tempo for all of the tracks with-in the song. From there I added beats already present in Garageband and just put the whole thing together from there. Let me know what you think!

Masterpiece #2, "Hello!"

Posted: October 19, 2010 in Audio Mash-Up


For my second masterpiece, my idea was I wanted to take the base of a well-known song and change the lyrics in a much more fitting and humorous way with my own voice. After looking on Youtube for a little while, I decided I wanted to create a parody on Lil’ John’s Get Low. So I downloaded the instrumental version of the song (much in the same way I started my first mash-up) with the Firefox Youtube-Downloader which can be found here. I then imported the mp3 into Garageband (the music-editing software for macs).

Now that I had the song ready to be recorded on top of, I had to write my lyrics. I based my lyrics off of the same pattern as the original song’s, however I think mine are much better. I then recorded my voice multiple times over the song using different tracks of audio, creating back-up vocals and double-backup vocals at some parts. I have to say getting the feeling down right with my voice was the hardest part, and singing from lyrics is much more difficult than i had intended. I had to delete and redo all of the verses a couple times (which took a few hours) until I was satisfied. So though the idea is simple, the process is harder than it looks. Anyway I hope you enjoy!

DJ Masterpiece World-Wide & KC and the M-Dub Boys International- All Rights Reserved

More Than My First Kiss

For this remix, I started with the idea from combining two songs together. After searching YouTube for about an hour, I decided on the two pieces I wanted to join.  I took the beat from My First Kiss by 3OH!3 and Ke$ha, and then I used the lyrics from More than a Feeling by Boston to create a techno/upbeat remix of the old classic. Unfortunately I ran out of time to fine tune the song, maybe I will be able to do that on a late date, but here is my process of how I made my first remix:

I first downloaded Firefox’s Youtube Downloader that Dr. Groom pointed out to me after I posted my piece on  I highly recommend anyone who uses Firefox to download this if you plan on making your own remixes or mash-ups in the future, it’s an excellent tool to have. After I had downloaded the add-on to Firefox, I then downloaded the Instrumental Version of My First Kiss and the Vocal Track of More than a Feeling straight to my iTunes library.

From there, I first started my project with Garageband. For those of you (who I pity) that do not own a Mac or have no knowledge of “Garageband”, it is a simple audio creator and re-mixer that comes standard on all Macs. With this tool, I imported both tracks and began matching the vocals with the beat and started outlining what my final song would be like. After a few hours of work matching the two songs together, I played it. It sounded decent, but I ran into the problem that most people encounter when they attempt to do this kind of project: timing. The vocals didn’t match the beat, the pitches were off, the beat was too fast, I ran into every problem thinkable dealing with timing. Upon realizing this, I knew that the user-friendly and simple Garageband could not help me here, so I switched my project over to Audacity.

I separated each of the three tracks I created (The beat, the vocals, and the background vocals) into separate audio files and imported each into Audacity. The reason why I preformed this switch is because Audacity is able to do a lot more stuff with the audio than Garageband. From here I cut up the vocals even further than I did before, at some parts I had to slow down and speed up the time at which Brad Delp (lead singer of Boston) sang his awesome lyrics. Because I had changed the time on some of the audio, I also had to redo the pitches (since they changed with the increase/decrease in time) to match his original voice. The hardest part I encountered was matching the chorus of More than a Feeling (when he sings “Its more than a feeeeeeling!!!”) to the fast chorus beat of My First Kiss, which I tried many methods and was not very satisfied with any of them.

As I said before I didn’t have enough time to really fine tune the song but nonetheless this took me many hours to get down timing and pitch and just getting the whole thing together. I feel like I did well combining these two songs together, but maybe its just bias. So let me know what you guys think!