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For my class mash-up, I wanted to have another go at the whole “recut” thing because I had so much fun last year working on my Toy Story Rambo Remix. Starting this project, the hardest part of doing a recut is to do something that’s original and funny, and I spent a long time trying to come up with an idea. So I finally decided to use “The Expendables” trailer and mashed it to various scenes from Power Ranger episodes. I felt that this was a good idea, because “The Expendables” was quite a recent movie and there were not many mash-ups of it. I also liked how I was bringing life back to something so old; the first season of Power Rangers. I can remember when i was a kid and watching all of the episodes and it gave me quite the nostalgia from my childhood years creating this mash-up.

Starting this mash-up, I used Firefox’s YouTube Downloader to download all of the audio and video I needed for my project. If you use the Firefox browser, the YouTube downloader is a MUST! The addon made the whole process of grabbing video very stream-lined and easy. After I had grabbed some video, I opened iMovie, which is the video-editing software that comes standard on almost all Macs. From there I imported all of the scenes I was going to sample from to create my mash-up. After that, I was just a matter of choosing and timing to match the scenes from the “Power Rangers” to the audio of “The Expendables” trailer.

Honestly, the hardest part of this recut was coming up with the idea. I thought up of 10 or 12 golden ideas only to see that someone else had done them. Not only that, but their videos had a lot of views, which just made me think, “That could have been my video!” Past that, some other problems I ran in to were finding good quality videos (Power Rangers season 1 is pretty darn old) and lip syncing the video to the audio. However, I felt that I was pretty successful with the outcome of my trailer. I was able to keep an identity to each character and effectively blend the two movies together. Anyway let me know what you guys think!